Delivery Services

Herold’s Pharmacy is proud to offer door to door delivery for our patients in the North Charleston and surrounding areas. Our staff will deliver your medications same day and this service is offered at no charge for patients in need and a small flat fee if it is requested as a convenience.

Herold’s Pharmacy also offers delivery services to most Charleston area Independent and Assisted Living communities. This is again done at no charge. All insurance and billing can be handled by Herold’s Pharmacy with no work done by patients or the community’s staff.

Herold’s Pharmacy also offers delivery services to Charleston Southern University Students. We accept all out of state insurances and feature the same low co-pays as national chains.

Pet Medications

Herold’s Pharmacy North offers North Charleston pet owners the best prices for your pet’s medications and prescriptions. We feature medications for Dogs, Cats, and other specialized animals as well! We have most animal medications in stock now, any specialty medications not in stock can be ordered next day to the pharmacy at no charge.

Dogs, Cats and Animals specialized, custom medications can be filled at Herold’s Pharmacy North as well. We are able to compound medication for your pet with flavoring and into an easy to ingest or apply form. Our pharmacy can make a pill medication into a liquid or cream for your pet!

Durable Medical Equipment

Herold’s Pharmacy has over 3,000 medical supplies and equipment. We have many items available it our store for purchase but have access to over 3,000 products through our partnership with HME Medical Shop. Anything on this site can be shipped for pick-up to our store for pick up at no charge!

Our Wide Inventory Includes: Pulse Oximeters, Walkers, Wheelchairs, Canes, Crutches, Bathroom Safety and Grab Bars, Bed Rails, Exercise Equipment, TENS Units, Nebulizers, Suction Machines, Knee Walkers, and more.