Herold’s Pharmacy in North Charleston offers Drug and Medication Compounding for all patients! Compounding is a custom medication made specifically for you by the pharmacy. A compounded medication may be needed if it’s original form is not ideal for a patient. For example, if you have throat surgery, you may need a large pill or tablet compounded into a cream or liquid.

There are a variety of medical conditions where drug and medication compounding may be a useful treatment, including: hormone replacement therapy, shingles, post-surgery medication needs, dermatology compounded medications, pain management, and gastronomical issues.

Herold’s features a dedicated compounding lab with the latest equipment and tested formulations to ensure you get the highest quality medication possible. Our highly trained staff is ready to work with you and your doctor to formulate the most effective medication for you.

To learn more about our ability to customize your meds, contact us today at 843-628-3330.

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